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A Mother for the Moms

A few years ago a dear friend posed the question at my moms book group, “I take care of everyone, who’s going to take care of me?” And for most of us sisters in the trenches raising children during this pandemic–many while working from home or going in to essential work– the answer has been I have to take care of myself because if … Read More A Mother for the Moms

Join the Party Preview Slideshow

Coming in 2017: Writing Goals

These are my Author/Artist goals and plan for 2017. I’m a little unsure, where to start and what to prioritize but I am very excited to be working…and I plan to both submit my work to traditional publishers and self-publish. I am most excited about writing and illustrating my own stories, however I am interested in illustrating others stories as a means to support … Read More Coming in 2017: Writing Goals


On Love…

So our February read for my book group was “Lilac Days.” With Lincoln so sick he could barely sit up for a whole week–I read it in a week. It’s not my usual favorite–a true story. But I loved it. It was a love story that spanned over fifty years and over both world wars the historical context made it very interesting. And, being … Read More On Love…


Self-Publishing a Children’s Book: 9 Things I Know Now

Have you seen my children’s book Keep Watch Sam? Sign up for my mailing list and I will send you a free e-book! Self-publishing or indie publishing is growing very fast. It is now easier and cheaper to self-publish than ever before. This is true for every genre but children’s picture books are a little different. First the digital market is growing slower for … Read More Self-Publishing a Children’s Book: 9 Things I Know Now



Kids get hurt. All. The. Time. Most of the time its no big deal, sometimes it is more but each time as caregivers we have an opportunity to teach something. My initial reaction to a bumped head or a skinned knee was to kiss it. And kissing it to make it better is a kind and compassionate response, but I was with a friend … Read More TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: I Hurt! Pray!


  The other day a neighbor and I had a playdate with our kids. Her daughter spotted coloring paper right away and pretty soon she was creating a book. That was how I was as a child. I had a piece of paper and pencil with me at all times. I drew at home, I drew at school, I drew where ever my parents … Read More I AM AN ARTIST