Uprooting Racism from our Hearts and World

I am inviting you on a journey with the mission of uprooting racism in our own hearts and world. As the month (and years!) have shown us, police brutality directed toward Blacks is a symptom of systemic racism in our country. It is rooted in the evil foundations of the enslavement of African peoples beforeContinue reading “Uprooting Racism from our Hearts and World”

Will the Real Jesus please stand up? #Weneedmorediversebiblebooks

December 2013, Megyn Kelly of Fox News infamously reassured children that Santa Claus and JESUS were white. Wow…so wrong. Ok…its not just wrong in a we don’t talk about Jesus’ race kind of way. It is actually historically in accurate. Right? Jesus was a middle eastern Jew. Oppressed by the Roman government, not a personContinue reading “Will the Real Jesus please stand up? #Weneedmorediversebiblebooks”