TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: An Interview with Mother and Pastor Andrea Kladder

“One of my favorite prayer traditions happens in our family small group. After the adults have finished the study, the kids join us and all of us share something we are thankful for. After everyone has had a chance to share we sing the Doxology together praising God for all his good gifts.” -Andrea Kladder,Continue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: An Interview with Mother and Pastor Andrea Kladder”

CREATED TO CREATE: Creative Living is for Everyone

  One of my favorite pieces of literature, and currently my favorite passage of the bible is the creation account in Genesis 1. It is a poem passed down for thousands of years about how God created the world and then created humans–in God’s image. And being made in God’s image we were created to beContinue reading “CREATED TO CREATE: Creative Living is for Everyone”

TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: An Interview with Alisha Terry, Mother of Six

“Our kids pray out loud at every meal and at bedtime, and when they have wronged someone and are asking for forgiveness.”- Alisha Terry Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing friends and acquaintances who have been teaching their children to pray. When I sent out these questions I assumed I could learnContinue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: An Interview with Alisha Terry, Mother of Six”

My “Big Magic” Story

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.” What a great book! At least I thought so, and so did thousands of other people. I understand it’s not for everyone, but I felt so inspired I wanted to share some of the best things I got out of this book. This is both for your enjoyment andContinue reading “My “Big Magic” Story”


We were about to sit down for Christmas dinner. I set down a piece of pottery with steaming cheesy cauliflower when the edge of dish chipped off and cut my thumb. I guess it was not heat safe. Blood was everywhere. My husband who likes to play doctor, took care of it right away. ForContinue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: Momma Thumb Hurt?”


Kids get hurt. All. The. Time. Most of the time its no big deal, sometimes it is more but each time as caregivers we have an opportunity to teach something. My initial reaction to a bumped head or a skinned knee was to kiss it. And kissing it to make it better is a kindContinue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: I Hurt! Pray!”

THE PROCESS: Drawing Keep Watch Sam

  Above you can see the difference between some of my initial proto-type drawings and the final marker drafts. Notice that all of the illustrations are done in “Landscape”. When it came  time to publish, printing was better value in “Portrait,” therefore all of the illustrations were either cropped or turned into two page spreads.Continue reading “THE PROCESS: Drawing Keep Watch Sam”


Lincoln’s introduction to prayer came where many children’s first experience with prayer comes, at the dinner table and at bedtime. My Dad, who was staying with us at the time, taught Lincoln to pray before each meal. So much so that if he didn’t pray he would say “Oh!” and close his eyes and bow hisContinue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: Hot Dog”


In all the craziness of moving to Chicago six years ago, getting married, and having a kid–my vocation seem to get lost. I tried to hold on to what I thought I was called to do (that is start a church), but it just didn’t seem to mesh with having a baby. My identity asContinue reading “VOCATION BEYOND THE HOME”