Will the Real Jesus please stand up? #Weneedmorediversebiblebooks

December 2013, Megyn Kelly of Fox News infamously reassured children that Santa Claus and JESUS were white. Wow…so wrong. Ok…its not just wrong in a we don’t talk about Jesus’ race kind of way. It is actually historically in accurate. Right? Jesus was a middle eastern Jew. Oppressed by the Roman government, not a personContinue reading “Will the Real Jesus please stand up? #Weneedmorediversebiblebooks”

The Family Movie Night Tradition: Streaming Watchlist 2017

Tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be broadcasting live on Facebook to talk about the Family Movie Night tradition and highlighting Five Fun Family Movies. There’s nothing new and novel about the idea…make or order pizza, run down the street to Blockbuster to choose a movie the whole family will enjoy. Pop some popcorn and enjoy cuddling up withContinue reading “The Family Movie Night Tradition: Streaming Watchlist 2017”

5 Board Books About Being Loved by God 

This afternoon I posted my first Live Facebook Video. Check it out! Like me on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/amy.negussie/videos/10155758673448809/ In case you’re more of a reader than a watcher, I thought I’d post the list here for you as well with Amazon links. While Amazon is by far the most convient way to find these books, I alsoContinue reading “5 Board Books About Being Loved by God “

Review of Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus

Sometime last year I won a copy of John Hendrix’s Miracle Man from my friend Adam’s Illustrated Children’s ministry, which by the way you should check out and order some coloring posters/curriculum cause its great. Anyway, I love John Hendrix’s illustrations and his focus on Jesus as the Miracle Man. It makes the child andContinue reading “Review of Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus”

Enjoying Getting Caught in the Rain

My kids and I, like all good Chicagoans squeeze the most fun out of our summer that we possibly can. For us, part of that means trading in the 4 wheel drive, for a pedal-powered two-wheeler. We have this awesome dutch style cargo bike, CETMA. So last week I loaded the kids up and we bikedContinue reading “Enjoying Getting Caught in the Rain”

Coming in 2017: Writing Goals

These are my Author/Artist goals and plan for 2017. I’m a little unsure, where to start and what to prioritize but I am very excited to be working…and I plan to both submit my work to traditional publishers and self-publish. I am most excited about writing and illustrating my own stories, however I am interestedContinue reading “Coming in 2017: Writing Goals”

TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: Interview with Mother and Expat in Sarajevo, Taylor Irby.

Taylor Irby and I became friends as teenagers. Today she is mother of four living abroad in Sarajevo raising her kids to follow Jesus. I look up to her–as she is a more experienced mother than me and living in a cross-cultural context which is beautiful and difficult all at the same time! Amy: WhereContinue reading “TEACHING TODDLERS TO PRAY: Interview with Mother and Expat in Sarajevo, Taylor Irby.”

Self-Publishing a Children’s Book: 9 Things I Know Now

Have you seen my children’s book Keep Watch Sam? Sign up for my mailing list and I will send you a free e-book! Self-publishing or indie publishing is growing very fast. It is now easier and cheaper to self-publish than ever before. This is true for every genre but children’s picture books are a littleContinue reading “Self-Publishing a Children’s Book: 9 Things I Know Now”