Uprooting Racism from our Hearts and World

I am inviting you on a journey with the mission of uprooting racism in our own hearts and world. composing-2391033_1920

As the month (and years!) have shown us, police brutality directed toward Blacks is a symptom of systemic racism in our country. It is rooted in the evil foundations of the enslavement of African peoples before our nation was even established.

But like weeding, if we only pull up the part we see (firing cops who use excessive force), we will see racism pop up in other places. The roots remain strong. Therefore as white Americans, we must ask ourselves what part do I play in this? The battle to overcome racism in our time must not only be fought in the streets but also in our hearts.

IMG_5519A the same time the battle to overcome racism must not only be fought in our hearts but also in the streets. As one of the chants at the protest I attended went, “out of your house, into the streets.”

In the Bible God said, “Do you know what I want? I want justice–oceans of it. I want fairness–rivers of it. That’s what I want. That’s all I want (Amos 5:24 The Message).” And 1 John 3: 17 it says,

If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God’s love? It disappears. And you made it disappear (The Message).

And that is what we have done, my friends. We have sat by while our Black brothers and sisters are mistreated and killed by the force who swears to protect. If the roots of racism are pulled up but the plant remains, new roots will form.  

So this invitation is a week long spiritual journey of prayer, self-evaluation, reflection, and challenge for action. A challenge to do something about it. 

I will be lifting up scripture, songs, videos, articles, and podcasts primarily from people of color. Plan to spend about 30min on this each day and think about this throughout the day and night.

You can respond throughout the week in a journal, in an email responding to me (for interaction), or publicly on social media. 

This is written from the perspective of a follower of Jesus. You don’t need to be a Christian to participate, whatever spiritual, religious or secular background you are coming from you are welcome. 

This series will focus on healing and overcoming color-blindness, a fallacy intended to be “not racist” but problematic nonetheless. 

This is humbly meant to be a guide to the work that we as the privileged must do. I pray it may be helpful and inspiring. Follow this blog to make sure you receive each day. It will begin on Monday July 6th. 

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Published by Amy Louise Negussie

Writer, pastor, and community creator passionate about helping urban people connect to one another, self, and God. Amy lives in Chicago with her boys (1 husband, 2 sons, and 1 dog) walking distance to Wrigley Field (go Cubbies!).

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