Review of Miracle Man: The Story of Jesus

Sometime last year I won a copy of John Hendrix’s Miracle Man from my friend Adam’s Illustrated Children’s ministry, which by the way you should check out and order some coloring posters/curriculum cause its great. Anyway, I love John Hendrix’s illustrations and his focus on Jesus as the Miracle Man. It makes the child and grown-up narrator fall in love with Jesus in a whole new way.

It was Lincoln’s obession for a while. My only criticism is theological. The last line of the book is “but the Miracle Man had one last miracle…” and the picture is of the resurrection. After such a compelling story, that line was so disappointing to me. What about Act 2? Also known as the Acts of the Apostles. The Miracle Man was not done with miracles but only getting started. As followers of Jesus today, we can still call on the Miracle Man to heal! What a disappointment to have to re-write that last page myself.

Still, mad props to John Hendrix for his creativity.

Enjoying Getting Caught in the Rain

My kids and I, like all good Chicagoans squeeze the most fun out of our summer that we possibly can. For us, part of that means trading in the 4 wheel drive, for a pedal-powered two-wheeler. We have this awesome dutch style cargo bike, CETMA.

So last week I loaded the kids up and we biked over to my parents new condo to have a picnic dinner on their terrace (By the way, I am so excited they moved here! They are great parents and amazing grandparents!). But as we were riding home, it started raining. Some children might have cried, but not my boys. We laughed and we talked about how we didn’t know it was going to rain and we didn’t have an umbrella. And I tell you what, Lincoln has told me the story of us getting caught in the rain about 100x since then. He says, “Remember when we were riding home from Amma and Uppa’s and we didn’t know it was going to rain, and we got all wet?!” “Yea,” I say, “I do remember, that was so funny.”

Why does he ask me that? He asks me, because it’s a great story. It’s bonding. And, it’s the kind of memory I want his childhood to be made up of…

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Write to Publish Conference in Wheaton. And as the final afternoon session ended, it started to pour. It was raining side-ways, there was lightning, there was thunder, and the parking lot where I parked was two feet deep in water in about  fifteen minutes.

We hundled in the entryway waiting for a break, until by twos and threes we realized needed dinner. Or, like me we needed to save our cars, and show up for our dinner appointments. The rest of the night we looked like-half drowned cats. But I couldn’t help thinking of how much fun it would be to tell Lincoln about it the next day.

Not only do I want my children to enjoy the surprises in life, like getting caught in the rain, but I want to hold on to that childlike joy too. Don’t you?