Lincoln’s introduction to prayer came where many children’s first experience with prayer comes, at the dinner table and at bedtime.

My Dad, who was staying with us at the time, taught Lincoln to pray before each meal. So much so that if he didn’t pray he would say “Oh!” and close his eyes and bow his head so that it just about touched the food. At first he would gabber, and then end with a shouted “Amen” and lift his head.  IMG_3234.jpg

We joked that we weren’t sure what he was actually learning. But eventually a clear “God” and “thank you” entered the prayer and it seemed good.

Then since we were also praying for Lincoln before bed, he began to also want to pray at bedtime for “Hot Dog.” This made me laugh since he wanted to thank God for a “hot dog” said in a deep voice even if he hadn’t had a hot dog in over a week. But overall I thought, thankfulness is a great value and if he’s grateful for hot dogs so be it!

Published by Amy Louise Negussie

Writer, pastor, and community creator passionate about helping urban people connect to one another, self, and God. Amy lives in Chicago with her boys (1 husband, 2 sons, and 1 dog) walking distance to Wrigley Field (go Cubbies!).

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