sleepingsamThe other day a neighbor and I had a playdate with our kids. Her daughter spotted coloring paper right away and pretty soon she was creating a book.

That was how I was as a child. I had a piece of paper and pencil with me at all times. I drew at home, I drew at school, I drew where ever my parents brought me.

In high school I was an art room kid. We were sometimes lumped together with other “freaks.” Charcoal, marker, or ink smudges decorated our hands at all times. My art room crush even carried an old fashion pencil behind his ear.

I honored my parents wish that I go to college (not art school). I painted in college and I even tried to learn to throw (pottery on a wheel), but I learned that just because you can draw and paint does’t mean you have any gift in regards to pottery.

And, I learned that school (outside of the art studio) could actually be great too. I fell in love with theology.

Pursuing theology brought me further away from my artist identity. Sure I still played guitar some, dressed creative, and every once in a while picked up a pencil or paint brush. But what did art have to do with theology?

In Michael Angelo’s day the artist was considered close to God by his very creative nature, but thanks to the iconoclasts of the Reformation, American Christianity is fairly void of art. But its coming back, at least for me. For Catholics it was never lost

Last May I started working on a children’s picture book called, “Keep Watch Sam.” This has been an amazing adventure of discovering how my various gifts, talents, and interests can be brought together. Its some of the most enjoyable work I’ve ever done.

The image shown here is one of the ones I am most happy about the outcome. Both are done with Prismacolor illustrator markers.

If you are interested in seeing the final product, I am offering a free digital copy of Keep Watch Sam if you subscribe to my newsletter.



Published by Amy Louise Negussie

Writer, pastor, and community creator passionate about helping urban people connect to one another, self, and God. Amy lives in Chicago with her boys (1 husband, 2 sons, and 1 dog) walking distance to Wrigley Field (go Cubbies!).

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